Nintendogs for Switch: Learn about the exciting virtual pet game

Explore the magic of Nintendogs and why it’s high time for a Nintendo Switch version. Join the plea for the return of our beloved virtual pets.


As a long-time fan of the Nintendogs franchise, I find myself asking a question that’s been on the minds of many. Excuse me, Nintendo, where is Nintendogs for Switch? It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen a new installment in the series, and with the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, it feels like the perfect time for our beloved virtual puppies to make a comeback.

The Magic of Nintendogs

My love for Nintendogs began with the original game on the Nintendo DS. There was something magical about raising and caring for a virtual puppy, teaching it tricks, and watching it grow. The game offered a unique blend of simulation and pet ownership that captured the hearts of millions. The yapping, pixelated dogs weren’t just pets; they were companions that many of us formed deep connections with.

The Profitable Franchise

It’s baffling to think that despite the franchise’s success, with over 28 million copies sold, we haven’t seen a new Nintendogs game for the Switch. The series was not only a commercial hit but also a critical darling, with the original game receiving a perfect score from Famitsu. It’s clear that Nintendogs has a winning formula, one that could easily be adapted and expanded upon for a new generation of gamers.

Nintendogs Through the Years

The journey of Nintendogs began as a tech demo for the GameCube before finding its home on the DS in 2005. The game was released in multiple versions, each featuring different breeds, and it quickly became a staple for the handheld console. The sequel, Nintendogs + Cats, introduced new pets and features on the 3DS, but it’s been over a decade since we’ve had the pleasure of a new release. The absence of Nintendogs from the 3DS eShop and the discontinuation of cartridges only add to the feeling of loss for this beloved franchise.

The Current Void

The lack of a Nintendogs game for the Switch is a glaring omission in Nintendo’s catalog. While games like Little Friends and Puppy Island have attempted to fill the void, they haven’t quite captured the same magic. The joy of interacting with virtual pets, taking them for walks, and entering them in competitions is something that many of us miss dearly.

Potential for Nintendogs on Switch

The possibilities for a Nintendogs game on the Switch are endless. With advancements in technology, we could see more realistic interactions, a wider variety of breeds, and even integration with mobile devices. The Switch’s touch screen and portability make it an ideal platform for a new Nintendogs game. Moreover, the success of mobile games like Pokémon Go shows that there’s a market for games that blend virtual experiences with real-world activities. A Nintendogs game that incorporates GPS technology for walks or AR for playing fetch could be a hit.


In conclusion, the absence of Nintendogs on the Switch is a missed opportunity for Nintendo. The franchise has proven its worth both commercially and critically. It’s time for a new generation of gamers to experience the joy of virtual pet ownership. So, Nintendo, please bring back our beloved Nintendogs. We’re waiting with open arms.

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