Deep Vault Review: A Must-Try Escape Game

Looking for a new escape game to try? Read our review of Deep Vault and see why it’s a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts.


Deep Vault is an enthralling escape game that combines unique puzzles with critically-acclaimed stories. Played and enjoyed by millions, this game offers a variety of experiences from solving murder mysteries to surviving horror scenarios. Each story is a standalone adventure, allowing players to jump into different worlds and unravel distinct mysteries.

Key Features of the game

  • Diverse Stories: The game boasts a range of storylines, including fantasy adventures like “Legend of the Sacred Stones” and detective mysteries such as “Trapmaker.” This variety ensures that players always have a new and exciting narrative to explore.
  • Unique Puzzles: Puzzles in Deep Vault are cleverly integrated into the story, requiring players to use their observation skills, deductive reasoning, and creativity to advance. From finding hidden objects to solving complex riddles, the puzzles are both challenging and satisfying.
  • Beautiful Illustrations: The game features over 100 beautifully illustrated scenes, bringing each story to life with vivid detail and captivating artistry. These visuals enhance the immersive experience of the game.
  • Free to Play: Deep Vault is entirely free to play, with optional in-game purchases for hints. This model allows players to enjoy the full game without feeling pressured to spend money.
  • Indie Development: Developed by indie studio Haiku, the game reflects their philosophy of “satisfying challenge.” The team’s passion for puzzles and storytelling is evident in the quality and creativity of the game.

Gameplay Experience

The gameplay of Deep Vault is a blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and story-driven decisions. Players navigate through beautifully illustrated scenes, interact with characters, and collect items that are crucial for solving puzzles. Each story arc presents a different set of challenges, with puzzles that are integral to the narrative. The gameplay is intuitive, with a hint system in place for moments when players need a little assistance.

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What I Like

  • Variety of Stories: The diversity in storylines keeps the game fresh and engaging, ensuring that there’s always something new to discover.
  • Puzzle Quality: The puzzles are thoughtfully designed, providing a perfect balance of challenge and achievability. Solving these puzzles feels rewarding and enhances the overall gaming experience.
  • No Forced Payments: The fact that the game can be fully enjoyed without any forced purchases is commendable. Players have the freedom to progress at their own pace without financial barriers.

What I Don’t Like

  • Occasional Difficulty Spikes: While most puzzles are well-balanced, some can be unexpectedly difficult, which may frustrate players who prefer a more consistent difficulty level.
  • Limited Replay Value: Once you’ve completed the stories and solved the puzzles, there’s little motivation to revisit them. This limited replay value might be a downside for some players.

Similar Games

  • The Room Series: Known for its intricate puzzles and atmospheric storytelling, The Room series offers a similar immersive experience with a focus on mechanical puzzles and a mysterious narrative.
  • Rusty Lake Series: With its eerie stories and unique puzzles, the Rusty Lake series provides a distinctive art style and a surreal atmosphere that fans of Deep Vault might enjoy.
  • Escape Room: Mystery Word: This game combines word puzzles with an escape room setting, offering a different take on the puzzle-solving genre.

Is It Worth Playing?

Absolutely. Deep Vault stands out as a compelling blend of storytelling and puzzle-solving. With its diverse storylines, challenging puzzles, and beautiful illustrations, the game offers a rich and satisfying experience that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle solver or new to escape games, Deep Vault is a journey worth embarking on.


Deep Vault is a standout in the escape game genre, offering a satisfying blend of puzzles and stories that engage the player from start to finish. With its diverse storylines, challenging puzzles, and beautiful illustrations, it’s a game that’s easy to recommend. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle solver or new to the genre, Deep Vault is definitely worth your time.

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