Stumble Guys 0.67 Update: Ghostbusters Collaboration and New Features

Get ready for a spectral bonanza in Stumble Guys! The 0.67 update brings Ghostbusters collaboration, new maps, and exclusive in-game items


As a long-time fan of the quirky and chaotic world of Stumble Guys, I was thrilled to hear about the latest 0.67 update, which promised a ghostly twist with a collaboration with none other than the Ghostbusters. As soon as the update dropped on March 13, 2024, I eagerly jumped into the game to experience the spectral bonanza firsthand. Here’s a recount of my adventure through the new features and challenges that the update had in store.

Stumble Guys x Ghostbusters Collaboration

The moment I entered the game, the Ghostbusters collaboration was evident. The familiar sounds of proton packs charging and the sight of PKE meters scattered around the lobby set the tone for the ghostly adventure ahead. It was clear that the developers had gone to great lengths to integrate the essence of Ghostbusters into Stumble Guys, creating a perfect blend of comedy and the afterlife.

As I navigated through the game, I encountered various Ghostbusters-themed obstacles that added a fun and nostalgic twist to the gameplay. It was a delight to see how elements from the beloved franchise had been seamlessly woven into the colorful and wacky world of Stumble Guys.

New Construction Climb Map

The highlight of the update, for me, was the new Construction Climb map. Set high above the clouds on the frame of a skyscraper, this map presented a nail-biting challenge that tested my balance and agility. The goal was to scramble up the skeletal structure, avoiding hazards like rolling barrels, explosive TNT, and the comically inconvenient wet cement.

What made this map stand out was the multiple routes available, each offering varying degrees of difficulty. It was a thrilling experience to choose my path, weighing the risks and rewards of each option. The addition of teleport pipes added an unexpected twist, suddenly changing the course of the game and keeping me on my toes.

As I climbed higher, I encountered in-game challenges that required me to deliver crucial blueprints. This added an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, as I had to balance speed with precision to ensure I didn’t fall to my doom. The satisfaction of reaching the top and completing the challenges was immense, making Construction Climb a map I’d eagerly return to.

Exclusive Emotes, Footsteps, and Stumblers

The 0.67 update also brought a range of exclusive cosmetic changes, adding even more variety to the already vibrant game. I had a blast exploring the new emotes, particularly the Ghostbusters-themed ones like Slimer and Broken Easter Egg. These added a fun way to express myself in the game, whether celebrating a victory or commiserating a hilarious fall.

The new footsteps, such as Ghost Trap and Mole Tunnel, were a delightful touch, leaving unique trails as I navigated through the maps. It was a small detail that added a lot of character to the game.

But perhaps the most exciting addition was the new stumblers. The Ghostbusters-inspired characters like Ghostbuster Guy, Ghostbuster Gal, and Mini Puft were a joy to play as, immersing me further into the ghost-hunting theme. Alongside these, other creative designs like Chameleon, Shellcracker, and Al Cluckone added even more diversity to the roster of characters, ensuring that there was something for everyone in this update.


The Stumble Guys 0.67 update is a fantastic addition to an already beloved game. The collaboration with Ghostbusters brings a fresh and exciting twist to the gameplay, blending the whimsical chaos of Stumble Guys with the ghost-hunting fun of the iconic franchise. The new Construction Climb map is a standout feature, offering a challenging and thrilling experience that keeps players coming back for more. The exclusive emotes, footsteps, and stumblers add further depth to the game, allowing players to customize their experience in fun and spooky ways.

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