Stardew Valley Silo: How to Build and Use for Your Farm

Learn how to build a silo in Stardew Valley, store hay for your animals, and keep your farm running smoothly with this comprehensive guide.


Welcome to your essential guide on constructing a silo in Stardew Valley, a key structure for any successful farm. A silo is not just a building; it’s a lifeline for your animals, ensuring they have a constant supply of hay throughout the year. This guide will walk you through every step of the process, from gathering materials to the final construction.

Understanding the Role of a Silo in Stardew Valley

A silo is a fundamental building on your farm that stores hay, which is crucial for feeding your livestock during the colder months or on days when they cannot graze outside. The silo’s significance cannot be overstated, as it holds up to 240 pieces of hay, ensuring your animals stay nourished and happy. Without a silo, maintaining a healthy and productive farm becomes a challenge.

Steps to Construct a Silo in Stardew Valley

Required Materials

  • Five copper bars: Obtainable by mining copper ore from levels 1 to 40 in the mines and smelting them in a furnace with coal.
  • Ten clay: Found by tilling soil on your farm or digging up worms spots with your hoe.
  • 100 gold pieces: Earned from selling crops, foraging items, or mining.
  • 100 stones: Gathered by breaking rocks on your farm or in the mines with your pickaxe.

Construction Steps

  1. Visit Robin’s Carpenter Shop: Located in the Mountain area, Robin’s shop is where you’ll order your silo.
  2. Place Your Order: Provide Robin with the required materials and 100 gold pieces.
  3. Wait for Construction: The building process takes two days. Robin will work on your farm to construct the silo.

Utilizing Your Silo in Stardew Valley

Once your silo is built, it’s time to start filling it with hay. Use your scythe to cut grass on your farm, which automatically adds hay to the silo. To feed your animals, go to the hopper inside your barn or coop and distribute the hay into the feeding troughs. This ensures your animals are well-fed and happy, which is key to a thriving farm.

Expert Tips for Silo Management in Stardew Valley

  • Build Early: Construct a silo as one of your first farm buildings to ensure you have a hay supply before getting animals.
  • Scythe Use: Only grass cut with a scythe will contribute to your silo’s hay stock.
  • Additional Hay: If you run out of hay, you can purchase more from Marnie’s Ranch.
  • Hay Inventory: Keep track of your hay supply by checking the farm’s computer or interacting with the silo directly.

Strategic Placement of Your Silo in Stardew Valley

While the location of your silo is not critical, it’s wise to place it near your crops or grazing areas for convenience. Ensure it’s also close to your barn or coop to streamline the process of feeding your animals. A well-placed silo minimizes the time and effort required to maintain your farm’s productivity.


Constructing a silo is a fundamental step in building a successful farm in Stardew Valley. It ensures a stable food supply for your animals and contributes to the overall efficiency of your farm operations. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a proficient farmer with a well-equipped and flourishing farm.

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