Genshin Impact Codes February 2024: Free Primogems & Rewards

Get the latest Genshin Impact codes for February 2024 and redeem free primogems, mora, and more. Follow our guide to unlock your rewards today!


Greetings, Genshin Impact adventurers! As we venture into February 2024, a new set of codes awaits to enhance your journey in the enchanting world of Teyvat. This my guide is your key to unlocking the latest codes that offer an array of complimentary in-game items, such as primogems, mora, and adventurer’s experience, to boost your gameplay and progress.

Understanding Genshin Impact Codes

Genshin Impact codes are special promotional gifts provided by Hoyoverse, the game’s developer. These codes grant players access to free in-game items such as primogems, mora, and other valuable resources. They are typically released during special events, livestreams, or to celebrate new updates.

Fresh Codes for Genshin Impact – February 2024

Dive into the latest codes for this month and claim your rewards:

  • TGEFB1F28HSB – Embark on your adventure with 10k mora, five fine enhancement ore, ten adventure experience, five sweet madame, and five jueyun chili chicken, perfect for upgrading your characters and weapons.
  • CT2BDW7JD38M – Boost your journey with 60 primogems and five adventurer’s experience, essential for unlocking new characters and talents.
  • NA88ANTJL5SD – Secure another set of 60 primogems and five adventurer’s experience to enhance your gameplay further.
  • JB95D2V5XGJ5 – Enjoy a generous reward of 20k mora, two hero’s wit, five adventurer’s experience, five charcoal-baked ajilenakh cakes, and five curry shrimp, offering a well-rounded boost to your resources.
  • GENSHINGIFT – Redeem this code periodically to receive 50 primogems and three hero’s wit, aiding in your character development.

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Codes That Have Expired

Keep in mind that codes expire over time. Here are some that are no longer active:

  • 6T8NWE3HD7PD
  • RS99D5LVTM6V

How to Redeem Your Genshin Impact Codes

Redeeming your codes is a simple process. Just follow these steps:

  1. Adventure Rank 10: Ensure your account has reached this rank to qualify for code redemption.
  2. Official Redemption Site: Visit the Genshin Impact code redemption page on their official website.
  3. Account Login: Sign in with your account details to access the redemption section.
  4. Server Selection: Choose the server corresponding to your character’s location.
  5. Character Name: Enter your in-game character’s name.
  6. Code Entry: Carefully type or paste the code you wish to redeem.
  7. Redeem: Hit the redeem button, and your rewards will be sent directly to your in-game mailbox.

Earning More Primogems in Genshin Impact

Primogems are a highly sought-after currency in the game. Here’s how you can accumulate more:

  • Quests and Events: Engage in various quests and events to earn primogems as rewards.
  • Chests and Shrines: Explore Teyvat to discover chests and unlock shrines, which often contain primogems.
  • Daily Commissions: Complete daily commissions to receive primogems. Completing all four daily commissions grants a bonus reward.
  • Achievements: Fulfill in-game achievements to earn primogems.
  • Mail: Hoyoverse occasionally sends primogems as gifts through in-game mail, often as compensation for maintenance periods or as part of promotions.


Make the most of your Genshin Impact experience by redeeming the latest codes for February 2024. These codes provide valuable resources to enhance your gameplay and progression. Remember to redeem them promptly, as they have expiration dates. Stay connected with official Genshin Impact channels for more updates and codes. Happy adventuring in the magical world of Teyvat!

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