Mastering Monopoly Go: A Comprehensive Guide to Shields and Shield Skins

Find the secrets of Monopoly Go shields with our comprehensive guide! Discover how these essential items can protect your landmarks from attacks, saving you from costly repairs.

Introduction to Monopoly Go Shields

Monopoly Go is a thrilling mobile adaptation of the classic Monopoly board game. In this version, players can collect shields to protect their landmarks from being attacked by other players. Shields serve as a protective barrier, ensuring that your hard-earned properties remain intact and continue generating income. Understanding how to effectively use and manage shields is key to dominating the Monopoly Go board.

The Importance of Shields in Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go, each player’s objective is to build and maintain a prosperous empire of landmarks. However, these landmarks are vulnerable to attacks from competitors, which can result in costly repairs. This is where shields come into play. By having shields in your inventory, you can prevent these attacks, preserving your financial resources and keeping your landmarks operational. Essentially, shields are your first line of defense in the cutthroat world of Monopoly Go.

How to Obtain Monopoly Go Shields

Shields are obtained by landing on specific tiles marked with a shield icon. These tiles are randomly distributed across the game board and appear as you roll the dice and move around. When you land on a shield tile, you automatically acquire a shield, and a new shield tile appears elsewhere on the board. It’s important to note that there is a limit to how many shields you can hold at any given time. If you collect more shields than your capacity allows, the surplus shields are converted into extra dice rolls, giving you additional opportunities to move around the board and strategize.

Introduction to Monopoly Go Shield Skins

In addition to the functional aspect of shields, Scopely introduced an aesthetic feature in September 2023 – shield skins. These skins allow players to customize the appearance of their shields, adding a personal touch and flair to their game. Shield skins come in various designs and can be used to showcase your achievements or simply to differentiate your shields from those of other players.

How to Acquire Shield Skins in Monopoly Go

Acquiring shield skins involves a bit more effort than obtaining regular shields. Players can earn skins by participating in in-game events and achieving top placements in tournaments. Typically, you need to rank within the top five to secure a skin. Once you’ve earned a shield skin, you can display it in the Shield Showroom, which is accessible through the game’s user interface or by interacting with any 3D shields you own.

Tips for Maximizing Shield Usage

  • Stay Vigilant: Regularly check your shield inventory to ensure you’re adequately protected.
  • Strategic Movement: Plan your moves to increase your chances of landing on shield tiles.
  • Prioritize Protection: Focus on shielding landmarks that are most valuable or frequently targeted.
  • Engage in Events: Participate in events and tournaments to not only earn shield skins but also to stock up on shields.
  • Balance Your Inventory: Keep an eye on your shield capacity and use excess shields strategically to gain extra moves.


In Monopoly Go, shields are an essential element that can significantly impact your success in the game. They provide a protective layer for your landmarks, saving you from potential financial setbacks caused by attacks. With the addition of shield skins, players can now personalize their shields, adding an extra layer of fun and individuality to the game. By understanding how to effectively acquire and utilize shields, you can fortify your empire and pave your way to victory in Monopoly Go.

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