How to Choose and Change Your Roblox Name: A Complete Guide

Learn how to choose and change your Roblox name with our comprehensive guide. Discover the best tips for creating a unique and memorable username.


As a dedicated Roblox player, I understand the importance of having the perfect Roblox name. It’s more than just a username; it’s a reflection of my personality and creativity within the game. Choosing the right name can be a fun challenge, and it’s something I take seriously because it’s how I present myself to the vast community of players. Over time, I’ve learned that changing my name can be a way to keep my online persona fresh and exciting. In this guide, I’ll share my insights and tips on how to choose and change Roblox names, ensuring that you make a lasting impression in the block-o-sphere.

What are Roblox Names?

Roblox names are crucial identifiers in the game. When you create a Roblox account, you choose a username, which is your unique identifier and is used for logging in and playing online. This name must be distinctive and cannot be identical to an existing username. It also cannot contain spaces or special characters, so “my name” must be “myname”.

Additionally, Roblox allows you to have a separate display name. This is the name that other players see when you’re in the game. Unlike usernames, display names are not unique, meaning multiple players can have the same display name. If you don’t choose a display name, Roblox automatically sets it as the same as your username. This feature gives you the flexibility to express yourself without changing your permanent username.

How to Choose a Roblox Name

Choosing the right Roblox name is an important decision. Here are some tips to help you pick a name that suits you:

  1. Reflect Your Personality: Your Roblox name should reflect your personality or interests. If you’re into music, you might include a musical term in your name.
  2. Keep it Appropriate: Ensure your name is appropriate and adheres to Roblox’s community guidelines. Avoid offensive or controversial names.
  3. Make it Memorable: A memorable name will make it easier for other players to remember you. Try to keep it short and catchy.
  4. Avoid Personal Information: For safety reasons, avoid using personal information such as your real name, birthdate, or address.
  5. Be Creative: Use your creativity to come up with a unique name. You can combine words, use puns, or even create a new word.

How to Change Your Roblox Username

If you decide to change your Roblox username, you’ll need to spend 1,000 Robux. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into Your Roblox Account: Start by logging into your account on the Roblox website.
  2. Go to Account Settings: Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner to access your account settings.
  3. Click on Account Info: In the account settings menu, select “Account Info” to view your account details.
  4. Click on Change Username: Find the “Change Username” option and click on it.
  5. Enter Your New Username: Type in your new username and your account password to confirm the change.
  6. Select Buy: After entering your new username and password, click on the “Buy” button to complete the purchase and change your username.

Remember, you can only change your username once every seven days, so choose carefully!

Roblox Name Restrictions

Roblox has several restrictions in place to ensure that usernames are appropriate and safe:

  1. No Spaces or Special Characters: Usernames cannot contain spaces or special characters such as “@”, “#”, or “!”.
  2. Character Limit: Usernames must be between 3 and 20 characters long.
  3. No Offensive Language: Usernames cannot contain swear words, slurs, or other offensive language.
  4. Uniqueness: Your username must be unique and not already in use by another player.

Roblox Name Generators

If you’re struggling to come up with a name, you can use a Roblox name generator. These tools generate random names based on your preferences, such as length and style. Some generators also check if the generated names are available on Roblox. One recommended generator is the Roblox Den username generator, which provides available names and helps you find the perfect one for your account.


Your Roblox name is a key part of your online identity, so take the time to choose one that represents you well and follows Roblox’s guidelines. Whether you’re creating a new account or updating your existing one, a great name can enhance your gaming experience and make you stand out in the Roblox community. Happy gaming, and may your Roblox name be as unique and creative as your virtual adventures!

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